Friday, March 18, 2022

Pen Expectations

I’ve decided it’s a lot about expectation for the pens. Had someone simply given me those pens for free, and said hey, see what you think of them, I still could have written an honest review, but I wouldn’t have been quite so cranky about it. I’d still say hmm, not really “blue black” in my opinion, but oh well. And I might focus on the idea that the felt-feeling pen is supposed to write from every angle and say, ok, if you’re in need of that, maybe that’s cool. Maybe I need to take out my other pens and see if they write upside-down and other odd angles. But the fact that I scoped and attempted to find a certain type of pen, allowed myself to be lured in, paid money, and was disappointed because it did not match what I was looking for and what it supposedly promised . . . that made a big difference in my attitude. I might see if I can exchange the "blue black" for plain black. It was mainly the color that was odd to me. I think it was pretty smooth otherwise. It's the blue equivalent of dusty rose. Again, expectations. It said "black ink infused with color." Had it said "pastels with a hint of gray" that would have set up a totally different expectation. I think I would call this pen flavor "little boy blue-gray." Well, if I do decide to do a pen inventory, I guess it’s more of a “head-count” versus “census” of my pens. A census implies more detailed information, such as color or type (glitter, metallic, gel, ballpoint, etc) and I don’t have that much devotion to such a project. I simply thought it would be interesting to see approximately how many pens and refills I have. I’m thinking I should count the refills since I have a few of those things like set of 30 pens and 30 refills (popular in glitter and coloring pens right now) and that would breath more time and life into one’s pen stash. Also need to count all the pens I have at work (I am so picky I use my own) and unused stashed in boxes. Might be interesting to see the approximate total (who knows how many pens are hiding that I won't find until later). My spouse said his guess would be about 200 pens. I could be way off, but I'm thinking closer to 500, and I would not be surprised if I had over 600. Aside from unopened refills, these would only be counting working keep-able pens. I think I do have a small stack somewhere that don't work that I haven't given up on yet, but I would be honest in keeping those invalid pens in a separate count.

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