Saturday, March 19, 2022

Pen Count Started

The great pen gathering has begun. I am counting refills separately. I am not including sourvineeer or novelty pens unless they work and I would use them to write (not just used for decoration, eye candy). I am not including pens I demoted and bequeathed to my spouse. I am not counting markers, highlighters, or pencils. I am not including pens in my "infirmary" where they don't work well but I haven't given up on them yet. I will include pens I personally own and brought to work because I don't like company provided and my standards are too high. I have personal work pens at both my home and office work stations. Guesses, anyone? (Rift?) My spouse and I have cast our estimates. The biggest challenge will be to simply count and not re-organize as I go (otherwise this will take forever, and if I change my mind what sub-storage to put them in the count count be off). Intervention plans? Do Anon groups apply to pens? I already read an article that said anyone who favors Diet Coke is clearly an addict. Sadly, I did not protest. The question is how many addictions do I have. Which brings up a whole different mess of questions not to be addressed here at this time (if one attempts to reign in one addiction, how do you not displace the addictive tendancy elsewhere?).

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